ECMC awards $486,000 in college scholarships to 81 students in Connecticut

Educational Credit Management Corporation (ECMC) is proud to recognize 81 high school graduates from the class of 2018 who completed the ECMC Scholars Program. The students attended one of eight high schools in Connecticut and earned up to $6,000 each in scholarships.

For the past two years, these students have participated in the rigorous two-year mentoring program designed to help them build social and study skills. Unlike a traditional academic scholarship, these students were selected to participate in the program based on their potential...not solely on their academic merit or test scores. Working in partnership with their school and the ECMC Scholars team, they've spent their junior and senior years actively preparing for college.

"ECMC created the Scholars Program to provide a pathway to postsecondary education for students who are motivated to continue their education beyond high school," said Paula Craw, ECMC vice president of student success and outreach. "By providing them with wraparound services in high school and support throughout college, we work to prepare students to reach their goals and achieve their dreams."

The scholarship funds can be used for enrollment in a degree or certificate program at an accredited college, university or career and technical education center. Students who earned the scholarships are planning to attend a variety of colleges in the fall, including Central Connecticut State University, University of Bridgeport, Howard University, University of Connecticut and Naugatuck Valley Community College.

"These students have shown great potential and drive throughout the program," said Sabrina Berg, ECMC Scholars Program manager. "I am proud of the progress they have made and am looking forward to supporting them throughout their educational journey."

Since 2012, ECMC has awarded $3.3 million to 547 ECMC Scholars students in Connecticut alone. Over the past 13 years, ECMC has awarded $16.3 million in scholarships to 2,720 students in Virginia, Oregon and Connecticut. ECMC has committed to supporting an additional 440 students through the class of 2020 with the potential to award up to $2.64 million.

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